See What Popular Sedans Like the 2021 Subaru Legacy and the 2021 Honda Accord Can Add to Your Life

The 2021 Subaru Legacy offers many features and options that keep you smiling during the time you spend inside. Our experts want to give you a closer look so that you can feel confident choosing this as your next vehicle. While the decision might be easy for some drivers to make, others might still be considering other vehicles. We are here to help you sort through each option to see which will be best for your needs.

A popular model that we have heard drivers are considering is the 2021 Honda Accord. The 2021 Accord offers an impressive array of options, but that doesn't mean it is always the best choice. Our team wants to show you what these models offer, making sure you will see how a new Subaru Legacy or new Honda Accord could be right for your driveway. Our team has put together an in-depth comparison to help you decide which model could be right for your lifestyle.

Our comparison looks at the most popular features and capabilities of each sedan, ensuring it will be easier for you to see which has everything you've been looking for. We don't want you to waste your time searching websites that aren't very helpful; instead, we want you to trust our team to help you see how you can get back to enjoying your commutes, road trips, and vacations.

We encourage you to read our comparison so that you can see the similarities and differences between the 2021 Subaru Legacy and the 2021 Honda Accord. You can reach out to our team with any questions you have about these models so that our team will guide you towards your next.

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2021 Subaru Legacy vs 2021 Honda Accord

  • The 2021 Subaru Legacy comes with a lower starting price than the 2021 Honda Accord, making it a better choice if you are looking for a more competitive price.
  • You can upgrade the 2021 Subaru Legacy to have a more powerful performance than the 2021 Honda Accord, making it more fun for every drive you take.
  • All-wheel drive is not an option for the 2021 Honda Accord, but the 2021 Subaru Legacy has it standard to give you the best traction and control through any conditions you face on your errands or commutes.
  • You can upgrade the touchscreen of the 2021 Subaru Legacy to be larger than any screen available in the 2021 Honda Accord, making sure you have the easiest access to all your media and apps.
  • LED Steering Responsive Headlights are standard for the 2021 Subaru Legacy, something the 2021 Honda Accord doesn't come with.

  • Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ integration come standard for the 2021 Subaru Legacy and 2021 Honda Accord.
  • Each model has a wide range of standard safety features, but the 2021 Legacy has a rear-seat reminder equipped as standard, while the 2021 Accord needs to be upgraded to have the same feature.
  • You will get more rear legroom in the 2021 Subaru Legacy than from the 2021 Honda Accord, keeping those who get inside more comfortable.
  • Upgrading each model will give you some of the most impressive features for your cabin, including heated and ventilated seats and leather upholstery.
  • Both models can equip a moonroof to ensure you have a cabin that floods with natural lighting and lets you appreciate the world around you while driving.