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How Do I Know If My Brakes Need Servicing?

There's multiple different ways that manufacturers let you know that you need brake pads. Some have the little chirper that will actually chirp when it gets down to where you need pads. Some of them have a warning system inside the pad that will illuminate on the dash for you.

But the best way to tell is if you hear a loud squeaking and your break pedal feels a little soft.So, that's how you actually know that you really need to replace your break pads.

You know, brakes have changed over the years. We have multiple different options now. A lot of places will just go in and change the pad out, but not look at the overall break system. They're not looking at break fluid, the calipers, the boots. It might not be just the pads that are wore out, it could be something else causing that pad to be wore out.You know, one of the other safety features that people really don't think about is the brake fluid. That brake fluid gets contaminated, and that'll affect the overall safety of the brake system.

So, what happens when it's time to get brakes? Come into Darrell Waltrip Automotive, we'll get one of our certified technicians to get it on a rack, valuate your system, make sure that when you push the pedal you know that you can stop and that you and your family are safe traveling down the road.

Why It's Important To Change Oil and Fluids Regularly

A lot of people wonder why I should change my engine oil on a regular basis? If you don't dirt and debris gets into the oil, and that's what actually starts sludge building up in your vehicle. It is the vital part of the whole inner works of the engine.

Getting your oil checked is one of the easiest things to maintain your vehicle and keep it around a lot longer, so it's very important to change your engine oil on a regular basis.

Another good reason to come to Darrell Waltrip Automotive to get your oil changed? Not only will they change your oil they'll do a 32 point inspection. The reason we do this is because we want to check the rest of the vehicle.

We want to make sure all the other fluids are in good shape. Your coolant, transmission, power steering because you want to make sure that the rest of the vehicle is in good shape while the vehicle's in here for your oil change.

We know you have a lot of different choices as far as getting your engine oil changed and here at Darrell Waltrip automotive, we have certified trained express technicians that are going to be working on that vehicle. We want to make sure the whole vehicle's safe for when you leave the dealership, you have a good safe vehicle to travel home with.

Why Its Important to Follow The Manufacturer's Warranty Schedule

A lot of people want to ask, "Why should I service my car under the manufacturer's specifications?" The manufacturer's maintenance schedule is there for a reason. First is that they built the car. They know how long the fluids will last. You're going to get the fuel economy. It's going to drive better. You're going to have less breakdowns on the side of the road. You want to pay attention to the manufacturer's maintenance schedule. Once you go the sell the vehicle and it has been maintained through Darrel Waltrip Automotive on the manufacturer's schedule, you're going to have a higher resale value in the vehicle.

The manufacturer will stand behind your car a lot more if it's been serviced at a dealership and serviced under that manufacturer's specifications. They want a vehicle that was well-serviced and well-maintained. That's our business here at Darrel Waltrip is to make sure that we help you. We partner together to make sure that we maintain the vehicle. We make sure that any kind of manufacturer that needs to be done that we're going to ensure that it gets done for you. We want to make sure that you're not broke down on the side of the road.

How Do I Know When To  Replace My Tires? 

At 55 miles an hour, stopping distance on a brand spankin new tire is about 195 feet. That wore out tire, you're looking right at almost 398 feet. That's a lot of distance between there, so having your tires checked regularly is important.

Here's a couple tips to keep your tires in tip-top shape. So, Darrell Waltrip Automotive, we recommend every 5,000 miles to rotate and balance your tires. That's going to make sure that the tire wears properly. You're not going to have that bouncing going down the road.

You want your tires to last longer? Alignment is the best way to achieve that goal. Alignment is going to help keep the tire where it's going to be wearing evenly, and we recommend that every 15,000 miles or once a year. The alignment is very important, but if you do the alignment and not the rotate and balance, you're still going to have tires that are going to wear out on you.

There's another thing that you can do to help with the overall maintenance of the tires. Something that we didn't have years ago, and it's called nitrogen and it will help stabilize the air pressure in the tire. Another great way to help save and help maintain your tires.

You used to pull in and get your tires checked at the gas station, but you come in here to Darrell Waltrip Automotive. Let our trained certified technicians, let the state-of-the-art equipment check your vehicle. We're going to make sure that your ride out of here on a good, safe set of tires.

Why  Choose Darrell Waltrip For Vehicle Maintenance and Service

After 30 years in business, and servicing over a million cars there's a lot of reasons to come to Darrell Waltrip to get your vehicle maintained. We are very proud of our shop, we keep it clean on a daily basis. Our certified technicians have over 500 years of experience, that is huge as far as knowing that car inside and out. We know a good serviced vehicle is going to get you more money for that car when you turn it. We also have state-of-the-art equipment. Every piece of equipment is individualized for the manufacturer to make sure that it is the right tool, the right equipment for that car.

A lot of times you can go to another parts house to get a part, but they don't have it, or it's just not really exactly the right part. Here at Darrell Waltrip Automotive, we want to use original manufacturer parts on your vehicle. It's going to make sure that your car is maintained to the manufacturer's specifications, and you can't get that everywhere.

I know you hate to wait for your vehicle when it's getting repaired, but we like to make it as pleasurable as it can be, and it's all about the experience here at Darrell Waltrip Automotive. Here we have a very relaxing lounge, we have a kids' play area, free WiFi. We have work stations, and we even have free refreshments. We want to make you feel like a guest in our home.

At the end of the day, we know you have a lot of choices to get your vehicle serviced, but we really would like you to give us the opportunity at Darrell Waltrip to earn your business.

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