Kiley Maupin has spent the last 15 years serving at risk youth in need at My Friend’s House. As the Direct Support Services Manager Kiley helps ensure compliance with programs and services, all while supporting and staff and residents with structure and understanding.  But beyond the policies and training, most importantly, Kiley is a mentor and shining example to the vulnerable youth who call My Friend's House home. 
Over the years Kiley has worked with hundreds of young men showing them what it means to take responsibility for your actions; how to have patience with others; how to behave appropriately in the public; and the importance of serving the community. But one of his driving motivations is teaching the residents the difference between being a male and being a man. 
One My Friend’s House’s former residents stated it best, “We talked about why it was right to own up to our mistakes and how in doing that you grow into a man. I learned a lot spiritually and a lot clicked with my life situation. I’m very thankful for Mr. Kiley and the opportunity to be at My Friend’s House.”
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